What is a proxy loan?

What is a proxy loan?

In this blog we have already talked about the sale of the fifth , or that form of personal loan that is extinguished through a deduction equal (maximum) to 20% of salary.

The sale of the fifth is a particularly attractive formula for the institution that issues the loan. The reason is simple: it reduces the risks of voluntary insolvency given that the salary is collected by the debtor directly, and reduced by the installment.

It also represents a good balance for those who ask for a loan since it involves a limited slice of the monthly salary .

There is also a proxy loan



Obviously the sale of the fifth is only one of the tools available for those who want to get more liquidity . Today, for example, we want to talk about the loan delegation, a formula similar to the sale of the fifth that has no obligation to justify the amount.

This means that you can request a loan for any reason (vacation, health, new car, birth of a child, marriage) even if you have another form of financing in progress.

The flexibility of the double fifth



For example, you can add a loan to delegate the fifth to get more financing: maybe it’s a special moment for your private life and you need immediate liquidity.

This loan covers up to 40% of the salary (this is why in the jargon the delegated loan is called Double Fifth) and can also be requested by those who in the past had problems with the bank or foreclosures . If this is not flexibility …

The proxy loan can be granted to the private employee or public administration and is extinguished by retaining an installment from the salary. The maximum limit on the number of installments is 120, so you can postpone the refund even in 10 years.

Evaluate your amounts

Obviously, before asking for a loan, you must carefully evaluate the transactions you are making. With this form of loan you can spend a considerable part of your salary (even 40%) for several years. Ask us for more information: let’s evaluate your profile together and find the right solution for your needs.


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