What is a proxy loan?

In this blog we have already talked about the sale of the fifth , or that form of personal loan that is extinguished through a deduction equal (maximum) to 20% of salary.

The sale of the fifth is a particularly attractive formula for the institution that issues the loan. The reason is simple: it reduces the risks of voluntary insolvency given that the salary is collected by the debtor directly, and reduced by the installment.

It also represents a good balance for those who ask for a loan since it involves a limited slice of the monthly salary .

There is also a proxy loan



Obviously the sale of the fifth is only one of the tools available for those who want to get more liquidity . Today, for example, we want to talk about the loan delegation, a formula similar to the sale of the fifth that has no obligation to justify the amount.

This means that you can request a loan for any reason (vacation, health, new car, birth of a child, marriage) even if you have another form of financing in progress.

The flexibility of the double fifth



For example, you can add a loan to delegate the fifth to get more financing: maybe it’s a special moment for your private life and you need immediate liquidity.

This loan covers up to 40% of the salary (this is why in the jargon the delegated loan is called Double Fifth) and can also be requested by those who in the past had problems with the bank or foreclosures . If this is not flexibility …

The proxy loan can be granted to the private employee or public administration and is extinguished by retaining an installment from the salary. The maximum limit on the number of installments is 120, so you can postpone the refund even in 10 years.

Evaluate your amounts

Obviously, before asking for a loan, you must carefully evaluate the transactions you are making. With this form of loan you can spend a considerable part of your salary (even 40%) for several years. Ask us for more information: let’s evaluate your profile together and find the right solution for your needs.


Loans for retired teachers: how to get them?


There are categories of pensioners who are particularly subsidized when they have to obtain loans . These are retirees of the public administration, those enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social benefits. That is a category that also includes former teachers .

Masters, professors of middle and high schools, employees of public education : these professional figures could apply for the subsidized INPDAP loan which today has been merged into the INPS which provides various solutions for the small loan.

Because in many cases it is not the large sum it serves. The crisis is slowly decreasing the purchasing power of savings and the new generations need a helping hand, they need someone to help financially the uncertain finances.

Small loan


This is why the small INPS loan can help the retired teacher who wants a sum to help a relative, or simply to treat himself to a holiday or face an unexpected medical expense without disturbing the children already struggling with other difficulties.

The small loan to former employees of public education has very specific characteristics: it must not be documented, that is you can use the sum as you think, it must be returned through the sale of the fifth, can be divided into different installments:

  • 12
  • 24
  • 36
  • 48

The first case is an annual loan and corresponds to a net monthly salary that is divided into 12 installments, and so on for the other formulas: two pensions, three pensions, four pensions. The sums are not excessive and correspond to those needs that may arise from one moment to another in life.

The role of the Cession of the Fifth


The balance of these installments is executed with the sale of the fifth , a formula that we have already encountered on our journey. The reason is simple: with the transfer of the fifth the loan to pensioners is safe even in cases of protest.

The monthly payment is repaid even before reaching the pensioner’s current due to an agreement between the body that pays the pension and the one that defined the credit towards the pensioner.

The nominal annual interest rate is 4.25% plus an administration fee of 0.50% and a risk fund premium.

How can you understand the small INPS loan (formerly INPDAP) is perfect for retired teachers who want to keep their professionalism alive, who may want to keep up to date with some training or refresher courses and who want to buy a new one every week text to study for one’s own culture and that of the grandchildren.


Loan purchase: loan consolidation financing

The purchase of credits is financing that will consolidate several credits into one credit. It is intended for any solvent legal or physical person, having the desire to restructure some or all of the remaining capital due credits in the process of repayment. Also known as credit consolidation.

The different types of credit redemption

The different types of credit redemption


The choice of credit redemption products is very varied. It breaks down several types of financing plan with the characteristics of financial restructuring.

  • Purchase of unsecured credits
  • Redemption of credits with guarantee

The repurchase of credit without guarantee

The repurchase of credit without guarantee

This is a personal fixed rate amortization loan that typically lasts for one amortization period of 36 months to 144 months, up to 180 months in some cases.

It allows the grouping of consumer loans, unsecured work backed by financing, revolving credit and cash reserve. It is possible in some cases to take back a remaining capital of the mortgage.

Subscribers can benefit from a cash flow in the financing plan.

The purchase of credit with guarantee

The purchase of credit with guarantee

This is a mortgage loan repurchase, ie a mortgage type guarantee backed by the financing. The bank or lending financial institution requires a mortgage guarantee in addition to the perennial income of the debtor (s).

The repurchase of mortgage credit is eligible only for borrowers who own one or more properties. The market value of the building comes as collateral in case of default of payment (s). In this case the property is seized to settle the outstanding debt.

Repurchase of credits for debtors

Individuals registered in the personal credit repayment incident file can claim credit refinancing for FICP subject to a favorable response to the eligibility criteria.

For this type of product, a mortgage guarantee is required to cover the risk of insolvency of the borrowing (s).


Loans without collateral – Loans without creditworthiness and collateral

When making a credit request, banks will scrutinize what collateral the borrower can offer

When making a credit request, banks will scrutinize what collateral the borrower can offer

Only if these, as seen by the banks, are sufficient, will the loan be disbursed. The collateral on the one hand contains the income with which the loan repayment will be made, the Schufa query is also included. But further collateral can also be demanded by the bank if it is considered insufficient for the loan.

There will be no credit without collateral , but it can be kept as low as necessary. An income, because only then can the repayment of money done, everyone, no matter which providers have.
Credit without security

In general, it will come to providing collateral when a car loan or real estate financing is to be made

In general, it will come to providing collateral when a car loan or real estate financing is to be made

The banks can thus offer a very low interest to the customer, which will certainly be in the interest of the borrowers. For example, in the case of car loan, the vehicle registration document will have to be given to the banks, so that the bank is legally in possession of the car, as long as the loan is not completely repaid. When real estate financing, the transfer of rights with the entry in the land register of the property by the banks. This collateral gives banks the right to sell or auction the loan if the borrower no longer pays, so that a profit should cover the remaining loan amount.

For other loans, even for non-Schufa loans, banks will hardly ask for valuables as collateral today, as the cost of selling is too high and the costs are often not fully covered. However, providing collateral can increase the likelihood of a loan commitment and also significantly reduce interest rates. It should be noted, however, that a negative or bad Schufa can not be compensated by the additional collateral at the banks. The situation is different with a low income. If a second borrower or guarantor is provided as additional security, the loan can be made possible and the interest can also be reduced.

So if you can offer banks little or no collateral on a loan, you should remember to increase it. There will be no credit whatsoever without collateral.

Loan with guarantor – Credit without credit rating


Are you not sufficiently solvent? Do banks not lend you credit? Then you should inform yourself about the loan with guarantors ! The possibility of obtaining a loan by providing a guarantor is great. Own ability to pay is not always a negative credit rating.

Low income is often the reason why banks can not pay you a loan. The loan with a guarantor is also a way for trainees to cover their own money needs. However, this loan offer is often not public to find, with many banks, especially at their own house bank by inquiries but also this would be possible.

Test winner for loan with guarantor 2018

Further information on the loan guarantee


All banks will need collateral for lending. Obtaining the Schufa information is one thing, but also proof of the creditworthiness of the borrower are necessary. If the conditions are not ideal here, or if it is a high loan amount to be awarded, the banks will demand further collateral. The guarantee can take the place in which other banks otherwise set the lien, as is the case with a pledged savings account.

Prerequisites that a loan can be granted with a guarantor

Prerequisites that a loan can be granted with a guarantor

All banks have their own requirements for the collateral required. Thus, it is also an individual matter of the credit institution, which conditions have to be fulfilled when providing the guarantor. Basically, the guarantor will have to meet the same requirements as the borrower must meet. The Schufa questionnaire must be positive, there must be sufficient income and it must also fit into the budget statement.

Advantages and disadvantages of the loan guarantee

Advantages and disadvantages of the loan guarantee

The advantages of the loan guarantee are based on the borrower in different variants. For one, banks will no longer need more collateral, in the form of pledged things, so this will certainly be easier for you. Alone the willingness of another person who will be liable for you with a very good credit rating, the banks will agree to give the loan.

The drawback of the loan guarantee, from the bank’s point of view, is that the guarantee is not as important as a pledge. After all, the creditworthiness of the guarantor can be reduced within the repayment term, which is less likely to occur in the case of a physical asset.

The further disadvantage is seen from the point of view of the guarantor. His job is not easy, so a guarantee should always be well considered. Credit institutions will hold the guarantor liable if, as a borrower, you can no longer meet your payment obligations. This single-jurisdictional agreement can also be disadvantageous for the guarantor, as well as for the banks.


You can have a loan in a safe and convenient way?

Get private and public workers ready

Public Loan

Starting from the second week of April , in fact, you could receive the so-called ” orange envelope “, the letter containing the simulation of the future pension. The conditional is a must, though, because nothing is certain yet. The first attempt was made at Christmas, but due to a procedural distraction in Parliament, nothing came of it. Today, even in the face of new funding, the president of INPS, Tito Boeri, is determined to carry out this mission, which will involve 7 million Italians .

But what will these letters contain?

Money Letter

According to INPS representatives, private and public employees (who will receive it as an attachment to the pay slip) will be able to check their contributory account statement and a simulation of their future pension . In addition to giving the opportunity to become aware of one’s own economic situation in old age, the goal that INPS wants to achieve is to give workers greater awareness for financial and social security protection . It appears that only 4 out of 10 Italians are able to interpret the most elementary economic variables, such as the statement of account, the change in purchasing power or the importance of having a diversified portfolio.

It might seem, especially for younger workers, that a simulation of their pension can be of little use because it is too far in time. In fact, having a good knowledge of your future economic situation can be very useful indeed . If, for example, in the coming years we expect our portfolio to be heavier, the solution to improve consumption today could be to take out a loan. Why in fact renounce to satisfy any need when, with a brighter future, you can have a loan in a safe and convenient way? With the new promotions and the different solutions, finding the right loan has become an even simpler operation.




Cheap loans


Low-interest loans without SCHUFA can only be accepted by interested parties if they conduct a thorough comparison of providers beforehand. This comparison is in turn only possible due to the strictly credit-based interest rates for schufafreien financing, if the customer can create a direct offer. But that’s not worrying: unlike loans with SCHUFA query, where an offer could lower the score, such a mechanism is not to be feared for cheap loans without SCHUFA.

Compare cheap loans 

Compare cheap loans without SCHUFA


Those who are looking for cheap loans without SCHUFA are often very unsure in the beginning. Initially, they had probably tried their luck with a home bank or direct bank financing, but such attempts routinely fail with a negative entry in the SCHUFA file. Cheap loans without SCHUFA are available only from the financial intermediary, who procures this money from a foreign bank. Upon request by reputable agents, customers receive a credit-based interest offer after they have left their most important details in an online application. With the normal loans with SCHUFA query one advises now of repeated inquiries with different banks from, because their credit check with the SCHUFA could reduce the score of the customer so far that further inquiries reliable in the void run. The real comparison would thus only anonymous on online portals with credit-independent interest rates possible. But if you are looking for cheap loans without SCHUFA, you can inquire with several financial intermediaries and leave your data: These do not check the SCHUFA, so there is nothing to lower the score (which is already burdened by a negative entry). The fact that cheap loans without SCHUFA offer this comparative advantage is generally under-appreciated.

What are the cheap loans?

The interest rates are always determined on the basis of creditworthiness for such loans. This happens with most common consumer loans (with SCHUFA query) as well, resulting in the aforementioned difficulties. To the definition:

  • Credit-dependent interest depends on the established creditworthiness of the customer. This can be determined even without SCHUFA query based on his income and his obligations.
  • Credit-independent interest rates are equal to all borrowers. There is no such thing in loans without SCHUFA. An essential condition for non-credit-linked interest rates (which are rarely offered) is the fundamentally good creditworthiness of applicants, as they bring only civil servants and employees in permanent full-time employment.
  • Regardless of the interest rate setting with or without an individual credit rating, the interest rates for consumer loans are always fixed, they do not change during the term. Of course, this also applies to cheap loans without SCHUFA.

From this consideration, it is difficult to determine what really cheap loans are without SCHUFA – it depends on the creditworthiness of the customer. If this is unemployed, a favorable interest rate can start at seven to eight percent. Self-employed must also expect increased interest rates. For civil servants, on the other hand, low-interest loans without SCHUFA sometimes earn interest of just three to four percent.

Approach to find cheap loans 


The first step to finding cheap loans without SCHUFA is to get your own SCHUFA information. Unfortunately many sufferers do not know that they are burdened with a negative entry. They learn of it only when they apply for a loan from the principal bank or a direct bank and are suddenly confronted with a refusal. According to §34 BDSG, the SCHUFA is obliged to provide each citizen with a self-assessment free of charge once a year, which can be requested here (right-hand column with the red crosses, free self-assessment). If you find out as a prospect that you are being charged by a slight negative entry (no bankruptcy or sworn statement) or that for other reasons – usually due to over-indebtedness – your score has dropped below the value of 90 points, proceed as follows in front:

  • Search the web for trusted credit intermediaries.
  • If you have more than one provider, go to the online form and make the required entries. Be careful and be honest about your income and obligations.
  • Choose a loan – usually a maximum of 5,000 euros are possible – according to your financial project.
  • Choose a repayment period that will result in a monthly installment you can afford, even with a possible higher interest rate. Some providers allow you to set the monthly rate, after which the term is calculated.
  • Send the application to multiple providers.
  • Wait for your credit-based interest rate offer.
  • Choose the provider with the lowest price.

Cheap loans: What should you pay attention to?

Cheap loans without SCHUFA: What should you pay attention to?

It is important in the procedure that you receive your offers completely free of charge and that also otherwise before or after the loan payment separate fees of the agent are due. The commission of the intermediary comes from the financing bank, it is compensated by the repayment installments. So if a provider advertise with very favorable interest rates, but require a fee in advance, you should definitely refrain. You probably will not get credit after paying the fee. This is dubious, but unfortunately not illegal. The provider will prove in case of dispute that he has seriously, but unfortunately unsuccessfully sought a loan brokerage. Unfortunately, the German legislator does not act against such machinations. You should also under no circumstances accept documents by cash on delivery, do not leave a representative in the house and do not call a fee-based hotline. Reputable agents create a free offer by mail or post, then the credit intermediation takes place.